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Delton Krueger, the writer of Interfaith Calendar, is a Christian and a  clergyperson of the United Methodist Church.
The Calendar began development in 1993 at The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA. The Mall Area Religious Council (MARC) was a spiritual presence at the Mall. An interest in Holy Days of World Religions appeared as MARC experimented with approaches toward Mall clients and employees. In 1994 an online Interfaith Calendar became part of the MARC website which happened as the Internet came into existence. The present web site is an evolving form of what began in the context of world religions at Mall of America.

The primary source is personal knowledge based on fifty four years of experience with world religions practices and organizations.
A second source level is web sites of world religions and interfaith organizations. Information is tested by comparison with many sites. Because of the variety of religious customs and practices it is not possible to be both comprehensive and totally accurate.
The online Interfaith Calendar is reviewed  by users from many religions and countries. They send on suggestions and corrections.
Calendar Site Usage
On the average day the site has over1000 page views. Over the course of time the site is accessed from 120 countries.

Users of the calendar include university personnel, School district officials, teachers, students, military personnel, city and police administrative offices, religious leaders, business people, convention planners, travelers, and people who are either just curious or wish to increase their religious devotion and knowledge.
Update on January 10, 2015
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