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Religion - Global Business Designs

  Travel, Commerce, Entertainment, Education, Governments, Medical Services, Military Personnel, Finance Companies.  Religion enters into every corner of global business activity.
Update 3-14-10 We will make the case that there is a competitive edge for the business that takes into account the religions present in its service area. The case will also be made that religious realities do affect management and employees. The sooner that owners and boards of directors realize this fact of life, the sooner a firm will move ahead in its purpose and practices.

** Redmond Channel Partner magazine, March 2010, features an article by Keith Lubner entitled "Become a Thought Leader" He brings to attention the influence of Thought Leaders in five specific terms. See an article by Delton Krueger on how these excellent business oriented ideas have application to Thought Leaders in the religious realm.

A problem arises when business goes about taking over religious holidays in order to exploit those events for commercial purposes. It is clear that when people gather business sees opportunity for commerce. The problem arises when business decides to remove all religious content for the events and wishes to turn them into solely materialistic occasions that have no moral or transcendent values.

What is "
transcendent" anyhow?  It refers to a meaning beyond daily survival. Transcendent has to do with the future of the global human family. Tomorrow is taken to be a reality. To "transcend" is to look around and say to oneself, "There appears to be more about me and this world than I realized!"  The view of earth from the moon taken by astronauts says it in visual format. The thrill of getting high above the earth in an airliner or by using Google Earth is fascinating at first and then wears thin as humans search for an even more vast view of reality.

Commerce is here and now. Religions offer a wider perspective - a transcendent view. Both are necessary for human life that has a future.

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